The City Plan

Recently, Chief Minister Katy Gallagher launched consultation on The City Plan.  This plan will provide a picture of the future of the Canberra City as a place of resident and work for an expanding number of Canberrans.  This plan is probably the most important step in the development of our city.

First-stage consultation on the plan is structured around five elements explored through five discussion papers including a range of questions:

  • the role of the City:
    • Key issue relates to ensuring the functions and uses of the City meet the future needs of Canberrans.
    • What facilities and functions do you think are important to reinforce the City as Canberra’s ‘heart’ and capture the community’s heritage and growing maturity?
    • How is the national significance of City to be symbolised?
    • Where should we place the functions that are important to the community so they can be easily found and accessed? These might be a new town hall, a convention centre, a sports stadium or the Canberra Theatre.
    • Do you have any other comments about the role of the City or functions that symbolise the City?
  • transport and movement:
    • Key issues relate to: street hierarchy, light rail, City to the lake, parking, pedestrian movement, cycle network.
    • Griffin envisaged London Circuit as the city boulevard. In establishing a street hierarchy for the City, how could we create this character for London Circuit and make it the City’s premier business street?
    • As a major through route, should Vernon Circle be considered for light rail / rapid transit? What are the other options?
    • What should we consider when improving connections to lake?
    • What are the key issues that an integrated and sustainable parking strategy should address?
    • Do you have any other comments about transport and movement in the City?
  • growth in the City:
    • Key issue relates to how many people should live and work in the City.
    • To what extent and how quickly should residential development be prioritised in City to reinforce its role as the premier centre?
    • What is the right mix of uses for the City and in which locations?
    • How do we expand and improve the retail and shopping environment of the City?
    • Where do we want to focus growth and when?
    • Do you have any other comments about how the City could grow?
  • public realm and design:
    • Key issues relate to: sustainability and environmentally conscious development, urban character and form, moving around the City.
    • What do you value about the City now?
    • What are the characteristics that distinguish the City?
    • How can we make the public spaces in the City better for people to move around?
    • Which areas should have priority for improvement?
    • What changes would deliver good environmental outcomes?
    • What incentives can we offer to achieve more sustainable buildings?
    • Do you have any other comments about the City’s public realm and design?
  • implementing change:
    • The key issue is how we implement a new City Plan.  The discussion paper cites Capital Metro and the City to the Lake projects as examples of implementation.

The phase-one work appears to be very comprehensive.  Detailed consideration has been given to a full spectrum of issues.  Ultimately the responsibility rests with the community at large to have a say. There are a range of opportunities to be involved in the conversation outlined on the government’s Time to Talk website.  There is no doubt that business and commercial interests will put their views forward. So, as a resident, what do you think?

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