Unwanted goods charity collection

Is your ‘modest’ Canberra City apartment a little overfull with stuff that you no longer want or need? Ready to part with an unwanted, but otherwise usable, bag of clothes?

The Canberra City Residents Association is able to help, and wants to do some good in our community along the way.

Over the first half of 2015 we are planning an unwanted goods charity collection. On a couple of weekends we will be available at scheduled times to come to you and collect your unwanted goods, which we will take away and donate to local charities. We plan to donate most goods to the St Vincent de Paul Society in Canberra, but donate any better quality, business clothing to Communities@Work for their Care&Share program.

The rules of our collection are simple:

  1. No junk. We are unable to collect broken and unusable items, such as permanently soiled clothing. Our initiative is designed to support local charities and we are unwilling to impose on them an extra cost for garbage disposal.
  2. No electrical appliances or mattresses. For legal, health and safety reasons, we are unable to donate these items.
  3. Once you donated something, it is gone. Everything we collect will be donated to charity so there will be no way for us to recover it once you pass it on.
  4. We will only collect from Canberra City suburbs including Acton, Braddon, City, Reid and Turner.

While not a rule, we are also unlikely to be able to receive large or bulky items of furniture for simple, practical reasons.

And remember, the better the quality the goods, the more valuable they are to assist those in need.

If you would like to create some extra space in your home, please fill out the following form. We’ll schedule you in then come and take your valuable but unwanted goods away!

After a fantastic response from local residents we collected and donated to charity a large volume of unwanted goods. Stay tuned, we’re going to do more charity collections in the future!
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Slider images by Canberra CBD Limited.