The Canberra City Residents Association Inc was founded in 2013 by a small group of Civic locals who believed in the importance of people being active participants in their community.

Association founder, Joshua Ceramidas, noticed that there was a gap in community representation for people who live in and around the Canberra City.  People living in this area hold a common set of interests, have common local needs and experience the Canberra City from the shared, unique perspective of being residents of the municipal centre of Australia’s capital city.  Government decisions on key issues like transport and parking, public amenity, liquor regulation, public events and community safety have heightened impact to those who live near the city centre.

The Association values the current ACT Government’s endeavours to maintain the Canberra City as the heart of the Australian capital.  It sees this region as possessing a delicate balance between urban development and the natural environment.  It is the maintenance of this delicate balance, in advancing the city centre as a habitable place, that is of utmost importance to the Association.  The Canberra City Residents Association also recognise the importance of the role of the Canberra City as the central business district of Canberra.

The Canberra City Residents Association Inc desires a positive role in public participation. The main object of the Association is to provide community representation for residents living in the Canberra City area.  In achieving its main object, the association aims to engage in public debate on issues affecting Canberra City residents, make submissions to government about issues affecting Canberra City residents, and support effective democratic representation for people living in the Canberra City.

For the purposes of the Association, the Canberra City is considered as including the suburbs of Acton, Braddon, City, Reid and Turner.  People living in these suburbs are encouraged to join.

Slider images by Canberra CBD Limited.